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Mistakes - 💡Tips💡 On 👩‍🎓Learning To 🤗Embrace Mistakes💯💚

What does it mean to embrace❓🤔❔ mistakes?

It means we are learning!

🥾Why should students 👥👩‍🎓learn to embrace their 📝mistakes and what can they learn 🧠from them?

Of 😄course, we would like to help a child with 📃📝homework and choices❓🤔 in life as much as possible, but this could cause a child to develop 😢slower when it comes to critical 🧠thinking and problem 💡👣 solving. Many studies have shown if children 🤩embrace mistakes, 🎓study their errors and learn from them, it can be more helpful for their personal growth.

🥾🥾 Four benefits of 💜embracing👍 💯mistakes.

🤍1- By overcoming failure, a child will develop mental strength and self-confidence.

🤎2- Their failure can create new ideas and encourage problem-solving.

🖤3- A mistake can lead them to fun and new experiences.

🤍 4- It can teach them to never give up.

🥾🥾🥾Five tips on learning to 💛embrace mistakes😢.

💜1-Allow mistakes to happen:

Children learn best by example. If they see a teacher or parent make a 🤷mistake, and immediately 💯🍎fix it and learn from it, they will be more willing to do the same.

💛2-Encourage mistakes:

Children will be afraid to answer ❔🤷‍♂️questions or solve problems if they are scared of giving the wrong answer. Make children 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 aware that with each mistake they are making progress📚🤗 and learning.

💚3-Once a mistake is made, correct it as soon as possible:

Mistakes are not beneficial if ‍💋‍👨 we do not learn from them. As soon as it is made, it should be corrected.

💙4-Discuss the mistake and try to find a solution together.

Some children would want to find the correct📝 answer by themselves but most would feel a little sad😭 and even angry 😤. It's best to offer a little 🤷help in finding the right answer or fixing the mistake. Become their ally, search for the causes of their mistake and💯🍎 fix it together.

🧡5- Provide motivation and encouragement:

A child that is motivated and encouraged to see the 👍🧠mistake, understand and 💯🍎fix it will benefit more from a child that only corrects it. Verbal 👀👂👅 encouragment can build their self-confidence🤩 and make more eager to try new things and make mistakes.

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