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Who is Beatrix Potter?

Beatrix Potter was an English author, illustrator, and conservationist who is best known for her beloved children's books featuring animal characters such as Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle-Duck, and Benjamin Bunny. Her charming stories have captivated young readers for over a century, and her delightful illustrations continue to inspire children's imaginations around the world.

But Beatrix Potter's contributions to children's education go beyond just entertaining stories and illustrations. She was also a passionate naturalist who spent many hours observing and sketching the plants and animals that she encountered in the countryside. Her curiosity and love for the natural world inspired her to write educational books and create scientific drawings that helped children learn about the plants and animals that they might encounter in their own backyards.

Today, Beatrix Potter's work can still be a valuable resource for parents and educators who want to encourage children to explore and appreciate the natural world. Her books can help young children learn about different types of animals and their habitats, as well as the importance of conservation and environmental stewardship. Her illustrations can also inspire young artists and budding naturalists to observe and draw the world around them.

By introducing children to the charming world of Beatrix Potter, parents and educators can help foster a lifelong love of learning and a deep appreciation for the natural world. So why not pick up one of her classic books today and start exploring the world of Peter Rabbit and his friends? You never know where it might take you and the little ones in your life!

Here is a fun game to play called Pooter Pet Snap!

First, make the cards: print the cards then colour the backs. Next, cut out all of the cards, then stick back and front together with the plain sides together.

  • Memory game: turn the cards face down on a table then turn one over and try to find the matching card. If it is not a pair turn them back over again and try again until you have matched all of the cards. When you find a Potter Pet pair (PP) shout out aloud the name of the animal.

  • Snap game: playing with a partner, shuffle the cards together than deal out half each. Take it in turns to turn over a card each onto a pile between you. When you get two identical cards then shout 'SNAP' and the first one to shout will win the cards. If the animal is a Potter Pet shout that too! Repeat this until there are no more matches, the one with the most pairs of cards wins.

  • Running game: Put the cards around a room face down without looking at them then keep running around the room turning the cards over until you have found all of the pairs.

Download the file below and start playing Potter Pet Snap!

Level 1 History Resource 1 - Beatrix Potter
Download PDF • 1.96MB



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