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Helping Kids Thrive: Strategies for Supporting Early Learning at Home and School

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Early learning is an important foundation for a child’s future. It lays the groundwork for academic success, social and emotional development, and problem-solving skills. Providing strategies for supporting early learning at home and school can help to create an environment that encourages learning, exploration, and discovery. This can help to nurture children’s development and foster their skills.

In addition, strategies for supporting early learning can help to create strong relationships between parents, teachers, and students which can help to ensure a successful educational experience.

Here are some strategies for supporting early learning at home and school:

1. Focus on building strong relationships: Developing strong relationships between parents, teachers and young learners is an important foundation for successful learning. Set up regular parent-teacher meetings and open communication lines to discuss any issues and concerns.

2. Encourage exploration and discovery: Foster curiosity and exploration in children by providing them with opportunities to discover and explore their environment. Provide open-ended activities such as nature walks, activity trays, playdough or treasure baskets that allow children to explore and discover their surroundings.

3. Create a learning environment: Create a learning environment at home and school that is safe, comfortable, and stimulating. Provide materials, toys and activities that are age-appropriate and engaging.

4. Establish structure: Establish a routine and structure that is consistent and predictable. This can help children feel secure and build a sense of stability.

5. Promote critical thinking: Encourage critical thinking skills by allowing children to ask questions, solve problems, and think through problems. Utilise open-ended questions and activities to stimulate critical thinking.

6. Provide positive reinforcement: Positive reinforcement is an important way of encouraging learning and development. Praise and recognize children’s efforts and successes.


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