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Easter Fun for Kids!

With Easter just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about all the cool Easter crafts and activities do with your kids!

While colouring eggs and an Easter hunt are probably number one and two things on your list there are so many other fun projects you can do and here you’ll find pretty awesome ideas to keep everyone entertained!

Easter Egg Charades

A way to get the whole family involved is to engage in a game of charades. Put the prompts in Easter eggs and have each person act out the word or phrase. Just remember to keep it simple for your participants. Bunny, duckling, carrots, chick, prayer, and Easter egg hunt are just a few of the words and phrases that you can act out!

Easter Bingo!

Who doesn't love a game of bingo? There are tons of free printable Easter bingo cards that you can find online and players can use some delicious jelly beans and other sweet Easter goodies to mark the squares that they get throughout the game. Finally, have an array of prizes that young children, older kids, and adults will all appreciate!

Plant Flowers

Easter symbolizes rebirth, so what better day to plant some tulips and daffodils with your budding gardener? Autumn is technically the season to plant bulbs in most regions, but you can plant them indoors any time of year, or buy flowers already in bloom and transplant them outdoors on Easter.

Make Pop-It Chocolate Bars

We all know chocolate is a big part of Easter each year. Have fun using a Pop-It to make chocolate bars and add fun sweets into and on top of them. Watch the video to follow along but we are sure kids will enjoy using their Pop-Its for something completely different!

Bunny Cupcakes

Have fun making bunny cupcakes to celebrate Easter. This is a great activity for kids to get creative and make their own bunny face on the cupcake. Once again, the whole family can be involved and once they are finished, you'll have a yummy dessert for Easter!

Shaving Cream Egg Dye

Have fun dying your eggs with different coloured shaving cream. This is an easy, fun and cheap activity for kids to do at home. They can use as many colours as they want. This activity is great for involving smaller kids as it's a very simple craft to follow!


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