Upcoming Webinars

  • 25 Apr, 14:00
    Blast on exciting adventures to Planet English with Flinky and Flox! This week, Flinky and Flox return to the farm, but there are a lot more animals this time! In this webinar, we’ll practise some of the words that we have already learned, and learn how to count from one to twenty in English.
  • 02 May, 14:00
    This week, join Flinky and Flox on a very exciting visit to the zoo! We’ll learn all about wild animals, ask and answer questions, and practise talking about numbers and colours. See you soon for a wild time at the zoo!
  • Flinky and Flox love animals! This week, we’ll build on the animal vocabulary that we have already learned, learn how we can use simple adjectives to describe body parts, and learn about possessives with ‘has/have got’.
  • In our webinar, we'll share some very important tips with you that will help you prepare for your exam. Now is not the time to panic. Join us to guarantee greater success.
  • 16 May, 14:00 UTC
    Flinky and Flox have discovered something amazing – some people keep animals in their houses! This week, we’ll learn all about cute pets with a visit to the pet shop.
  • Are you one of those students who have been preparing for the B1 exam but don’t know what you should or shouldn’t do? Join our webinar to find out more about the study tips, the things you should do and the things you should avoid doing
  • 23 May, 14:00 UTC
    This week, Flinky and Flox learn about a very important subject – fashion! In this webinar, we’ll learn about different items of clothing, and start to use simple verbs to make sentences. What do Flinky and Flox like to wear? Find out this week on Planet English!
  • 30 May, 14:00 UTC
    This week, Flinky and Flox go shopping! How exciting! This week, we’ll learn even more words about clothing and accessories, and practice making simple descriptive sentences. See you there!
  • 06 Jun, 14:00 UTC
    This week, Flinky and Flox invite you to a party! They are very excited. This week, we’ll learn about a birthday party, who will be there, giving presents and what delicious things you can eat. We will practice simple sentences that can be used at a party. See you there!!
  • 26 Jun, 14:00 UTC
    We all know that each person is different, but did you know that each learner has a different learning style? What type of learner are you? Join our webinar to find out the answers to these questions and more!
  • Each individual is different. We all have our likes, dislikes, fears, and successes. But did you know that we also have different learning styles? Why are they important? All of these questions will be answered in our “Different Learning Styles” webinar. We hope to see you there!