STEM and Beyond

Get ready to launch into academic learning with STEM & Beyond. Join Lunar and her crew on a galactic tour of planet STEM, History, Geography, Music, Drama, Art, PE and Healthy Thinking. We'll meet animals from around the world, ancient creatures, explore the human body, exercise, sing, paint learn to relax and so much more!


STEM & Beyond is our brand new course that encourages thinking, creativity and learning English through Academic subjects. These subjects include science, technology, engineering, maths (STEM), history, geography, literature, drama, physical education, art, music and healthy thinking.

All the subjects are planned by experts in these subjects and we will have courses from level one (elementary level English for 5-10 year olds) right up to pre-university exam level.

The lessons are fun, engaging, academically challenging with lots of chances to develop English language in an authentic context. We'd love to see you in some lessons soon!


Academic Learning


Critical Thinking Skills

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