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Year 1 (4-7 years) Teachers Maths Resource Pack

Year 1 (4-7 years) Teachers Maths Resource Pack


This 6 week KS1 Year 1 (4-7 years) Maths lesson resource pack is filled with warm-up activities, hands-on resources, videos, games and experiments. Each week's lesson is accompanied by a lesson plan to make it that much easier to use during class and when teaching young learners. Each of the six lessons includes a warm-up activity or video, an introduction activity or video and a practise activity. 


In this resource pack, you can expect the following: 

🖍 Counting to 10

🖍 Counting to 20

🖍 Count to 50 using number charts 

🖍 Count to 100 using number charts

🖍  Number bonds to 10

🖍  Number bonds to 20


With a specific emphasis on the Year 2 KS1 curriculum:

Ma1/2.1 Number & Place Value

  • Ma1/2.1a
  • Ma1/2.1b
  • Ma1/2.1c
  • Ma1/2.1d
  • Ma1/2.1e

Ma1/2.2 Addition & Subtraction

  • Ma1/2.2a
  • Ma1/2.2b

En1/3.1 Spelling

  • En1/3.1b 

En1/3.2 Handwriting and Presentation

  • En1/3.2d  


We hope you have fun learning all about numbers and number bonds with these interactive activities and videos! 

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