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🤷‍♀️Why Should You Learn📚 A Second 💭 Language?

🤷‍♀️Why should you learn📚 a second 💭 language?

If you learn more than just your home 🏠language it will help you communicate with people 👬from other parts 🌍of the world. You can make friends💛 anywhere and learn about different 👸people, food 🌶️🍆🍊 places and countries.🏰

Studies have shown that children who have studied or are studying a second language have higher 🎨✍️ creativity levels and mental flexibility. 🧠

🤷‍♀️Benefits of a second language? 🕵👀

Studying a second language can help boost a child’s 🧠🤓 concentration, listening👂 problem-solving and 🙇‍♂️ critical-thinking skills, as well as improve ✍️💬 their memory.

1 - Learning a second 2️⃣💕 language 🗣️ helps 🆘🙏💁‍♀️ children with improving ☑️ their memory.

2 – Learning a second 2️⃣💕language🗣️ helps 🆘🙏💁‍♀️children with improving ✅ their creative thinking.

3 - Learning a second 2️⃣💕 language 🗣️ helps 🆘🙏💁‍♀️children be more👍 flexible with their ideas and opinions.

4 - Learning a second 2️⃣💕 language 🗣️helps 🆘🙏💁‍♀️children to communicate effectively.

5 - Learning a second 2️⃣💕 language 🗣️helps 🆘🙏💁‍♀️children improve their verbal and spatial abilities.

Fun ways🤩🥳 you can learn🎓 a second language📚

Learning a new language is done best🧡👭 through 🔁 repetition and practise. Repetition🔁 is important. ⁉️ Always stay positive👍👌. It is easier to learn in an environment that is happy😃 and joyful with lots of 🥰🤗encouragement. Learning a new language can be😒 tricky, so it is always a good idea to keep it fun and active with 🎼songs, games, 💃activities and video 📺.

1️⃣ Listen to🎶🔉🎻 music and learn songs in the new language.

2️⃣ Travel✈️🧑‍✈️ to another🌏 country and speak to a 📞🗣️ native speaker.

3️⃣ Watch TV 📺 in a foreign language.

4️⃣ Play computer 🖥️ 🖲️ games and take part in quizzes.

5️⃣ Learn some nursery rhymes and poems 🎵🎹 .

🎮💙GAME: Matching 🙌the words

A new language🧑‍🏫 for any person young or old can be a bit 🧠🤓tricky 🙄 if there are not enough 👩‍💻pictures to explain🙇 the words. For this game pictures are important. Match 🖊️the pictures to the new words. Find easy🔠 words and pictures so that it is not too tricky. Example: If you are 👩‍🎓 learning Spanish, find 👓 the number one 1️⃣ “Uno” and pair it or draw a line to match it to the❎☑️ picture.

🎮💙GAME: Sticky notes around the🏠 house.

This is one of the most popular 🎊🎀games. It allows you to see 👀🙈the objects in real life as well as🤲 touch and to hold them. Write the second language words on the sticky notes and add them to objects in the 🏠 house. Use the sticky notes and place them on the object and🪑🛋️ furniture around the house.

💡Example: Spanish = 🍲maceta. English = 🍲pot.


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