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What 🤔 Are ‼️ Nouns? - English Grammar✏️ For Kids!

A noun is a word that names a person👱‍♂️, place🏥, thing🐈, or idea💬.

Nouns description

Nouns name people👱‍♂️, places🏥, or things🍌 that you can touch, see🙈, hear👂, smell👃, or taste👄.

*Mary 👧

*Mr. Jones👩



*mountain ⛰️





*pencil ✏️


🎉 Let's practise! 🎉

  • I live in Australia.🏠

  • Jenny is my sister.👭

  • I love to play with my dog.🐾

  • Birds live in trees. 🐦🌳

  • The cat is brown. 🐈

How🤔 to practise🗒️ using nouns at🏠 home.

1. Circle⭕ the nouns!

Ask mum or dad to write✍️ a few short sentences on a piece📝 of paper. Using a colour 🖊️ pen, try to circle⭕ all the nouns in each sentence. Once you have circled ⭕them all, you can read📖 your sentence out loud.

2. Play “noun hunt” 🕵️in the books 📖you are👓 reading.

While reading👓 your favourite 📖books, try to hunt 🕵️for nouns. Write down 1️⃣0️⃣ nouns each time you read 📖and practise making your own sentences using the nouns you have🔎 found.

3. Noun sort! 🔀

Using our FREE downloadable⬇️ resources, practise sorting 🔀the nouns into the correct category. This is a fun🤩 and creative🗯️ activity for you to practise your nouns and craft skills!

Noun Sort
Download PDF • 655KB

Watch this video and practise your nouns!

Watch more FREE videos on our YouTube!


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