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Verbs🧗‍♂️🤸‍♂️ For Kids🧒 - English Grammar For Kids.

What🤔 are Verbs🤸‍♂️?

Action Verbs🤸‍♂️ are words that express physical🤼‍♂️ or mental 🧠actions.

Girl walking gif

It is expressing🗣️ an action or something that a person🧍, animal🦊, or thing can do.

She👧 is 💤sleeping.

Verbs are a very‼️ important‼️ part of sentences. A sentence cannot work without😕 an action verb.

Let's practise:

Let's practise some more by watching this 🎥 video!

When using action verbs, the sentence structure will be Subject + Action Verb + Object.

Sentence with highlighted words and a cute dog

Andy is kicking 🦵🏼the ball ⚽.

  • The action verb is kicking.

The dog🐕 barks.

  • The action verb is barks.

Cindy is🤤 eating her 🎂 cake.

  • The action verb is eating.

How 🤷‍♀️can we practise our verbs at 🏘️home?

One1️⃣ person is going to be 'Simon'💂‍♂️. This person should stand in front of the rest of the group. Simon 💂‍♂️will tell🗣️ the rest of the group what to☝️ do, and they have to follow the instructions. However, there’s a trick to this. The players should only do what Simon says when the instruction starts with💂‍♂️🗣️“Simon says…”, on the contrary, they have to stay 🗽still. If a player follows an instruction that didn’t start that way, then he or she loses the game.

2. Acting time!🎭🎭🎭

A fun activity to play with the whole 👪family! Grab your favourite 📗book or short📖 story and turn it into some acting 🎭time. To do this, you will need to read📖 the story and reenact 🎭the different parts of the story that📖 contain action verbs. For example, if the character in the story 🚶‍♀️walks, then you and your family should 🔃mimic that.

All you have to do is to set the rules for the race. In this case, since you’ll be practising verbs, you can establish different stages for the race. For example, the first part will be to 🦘hop 🔟ten times, then, the second part will be to 🤾jump on a circle 🔵ten 🔟times, and so on. Like this, you can keep adding stages to your race depending on the action you want to practise that day and the person who🔚 finishes first 🏆wins.

Watch👀 this video🎥 to learn more about action verbs!

For more videos, visit our YouTube!

Download ⬇️ our free resource to keep practising your verbs!

Grammar Resource - Verb Builder
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