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Updated: Feb 4

What are target Charts?

Target charts📰are plans📰 you create✍ for the goals you want to achieve in a week or month📅.

Why is it good to keep target charts?

Keeping target🎯charts 📰are good 👍for keeping track 🎯of the goals you have completed or achieved✨.

What can I add to my target chart?

> You can add any goals that you have, for example:

> Studying English

> Sport practice

> Music practise

> Cleaning your bedroom

> Doing your homework

Here is a great example of a downloadable chart you can use:

Planet English downloadable target chart
Download • 2.26MB

How do I keep track of my target chart?

Easy! All you need to do is tick✔ the goal you completed and which day📅 you completed it🌟.

How do I make my own target Chart?

Let’s have a look👀!!

You will need:

1. A pen/colour pencil/markers🖊✏

2. A white paper📜

3. A ruler📏

Step 1: Draw ✍your chart using a pen or pencil✏ and a ruler📏.

Step 2: Write🖊your heading (example: My weekly goals🌟).

Step 3: Write🖊 down your goals🌟.

Step 4: Write🖊 down the days of the week 📅and draw a star⭐/ block ⬜under each day

ALL DONE👍🎉🙌 Now you can keep track of your goals😉.

Now, create your target charts📜 and achieve your goals🌟.

Have you made your target chart yet? We at Explore Planet English would love you to share your experiences with us. Please comment below⬇ or upload an image to the member's area:

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