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Understanding Your Child’s Trouble With Listening Comprehension

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

At a glance

  • There are lots of reasons some kids don’t listen.

  • They don’t always do it on purpose.

  • Some kids have a hard time knowing what people are saying.

It’s not unusual for kids to sometimes tune out their families. Especially when kids don’t want to hear things like “you need to stop playing video games and do your chores.”

If your child does that once in a while, you might not think much of it, other than being annoyed. But if you’re always repeating directions, and your child is always saying “huh?” or “what?” you may wonder whether there’s something else going on. Is your child not listening? Or is what you’re saying not getting through?

It’s possible that your child isn’t listening, and there can be lots of reasons for that. But sometimes kids only seem like they’ve tuned out. Instead, they may be having trouble knowing what people are saying.

Learn about trouble with listening comprehension and what can help.