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The 🌍 Environment ♻️ 🚯

How 🤔🤷‍♀️❓can we take care of our environment?

Looking 👀🔍after the environment can be done for everyone, every day🌞. You can help mom and dad buy 👍😁friendly household products🧼🧽🧴 every time they go 🛍️🛒shopping. These will help the 🏝️🌏earth and make sure no damage is done to it. You can help by not wasting water at home, not littering and telling 🗣️🧏‍♀️your friends to all 🤗care for our environment. You can REUSE📜💛 and ♻️RECYCLE every day.

Why 🤔🤷‍♀️❓is it important to look after the 🌏 environment?

The environment 🌏is our home. We live on Planet🌏 Earth. There is only one 💙Earth💜and we need to look 👀🔍after it.

It is our job to always protect it.

If we don't take care of the plants and animals, soon there will be none left. We need to 🤗protect habitats, plants and animals so that they have a healthy home. We can do this by always recycling and reuse materials and products instead of polluting them.

What🤔🤷‍♀️❓ things damage 😷☠️ the environment?

1-Cutting down trees🔪🌲 (deforestation) is something which damages 😷☠️ the environment. Cutting down too many trees destroys😵 ⚰️animals' homes and takes away the oxygen that people, plants 🍄🌾and animals 🦀🐋🐠🦚🦓🐼need for breathing and to live.

2-Pollution is a big problem on Earth today and this is has a big effect😷☠️ on the environment. People are careless and they litter by leaving 🚮🗑️ rubbish on beaches, in parks⛱️🏝️ 🏞️🏕️ and the streets.

Factories release bad chemicals into the♨️💨air which causes air pollution. Some factories and people pollute the water by throwing rubbish and chemicals⚗️ into the 💧🚿oceans, killing 😵⚰️ sea 🌊 animals🦀🐋.

Transport is another way in which people pollute the environment. There are millions of 🚙 cars, motorbikes🏍️ and busses 🚌 which release bad chemicals into the ☁️💨🌨️air.

3-Overpopulation. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑👭🧍When a habitat has too many animals, plants🍃💐 or people it becomes 🧕👳‍♂️👲🧓🧔overcrowded. 👨‍🦰👩‍🦰👩‍🦱👧👦

Then the large number of animals living in the habitat only have a small amount of food to 🍜🍲eat which is a problem.

The same goes for people. Some 🌆cities 🏙️ are very overcrowded, with too many people, who are eating 🍽️ a lot of fish from the🐡🦐 sea, plants or animals which can negatively impact the environment.

Six Ways 🤍💗we can take 🚯care of the ♻️environment.

❤️1 - Don’t waste water.

Take short showers, instead of bathing.

💚 2 - Environmentally friendly products

When shopping, try to buy products that are good for the environment and do not have harmful chemicals in them.

💙 3 - Clean up litter.

Join groups or clubs at school where you can help clean up parks and beaches.

💛 4 - Don’t litter.

Always throw your rubbish into a bin. Remember to tell friends and family to do the same.

💜 5 - Recycle and Reuse.

Always try to reuse plastic, paper or tin containers. When throwing away rubbish organize it into different bins. A bin for plastic, a bin for paper, a bin for food waste and a bin for tin products.

🧡 6 - Plant trees and plants.

Start a vegetable garden or start a compost heap. Use your food waste at home to make a compost heap. remember to keep banana skins and eggs shells. They can be used in the garden soil to help the plants and trees grow.

Five Important ❗☝️words we need to🤔🧠 know.


When drawing📜💛, remember to use the back and front sides of the paper. Do not throw away plastic 📥containers but try to use them as a lunch 🍆🍳box for school or a container for your colouring🧃✏️ pencils.

♻️2– Environment.

The environment is everything from living🌲 🌺🌻plants and animals to non-living objects like 🧗‍♂️ rocks and sand. The living 🐝🐏🦜🐢animals and objects depend on a healthy environment to live. Plants🎍 need 🏖️ good soil and sand to grow strong.

♻️3 - Recycle.

Make sure that you recycle🧻 everything you throw away. Throw the paper 📰into one 👛 bin bag, 🥛glass 🚮🗑️into another bin bag and💼plastic 🏀 into a different 👜bag. That way we can recycle all the materials💨 separately.

♻️4 -Pollution.

Pollution is❌ bad. It hurts and damages 😭our environment and all the habitats in it. Pollution is made by waste and chemicals 👩‍🔬⚗️released into the water, air, or land. Throwing📜 paper out of a car🚕 window is pollution.

♻️5 – Habitat.

A habitat is a home where animals and plants live. Fish 🦈🐟 live in aquatic 🌊🐚habitats, such as rivers, 🏞️seas, oceans, dams, ponds, and lakes, etc.

To learn more about the environment and different habitats, sign up for the amazing

STEM Summer Camp! Here you will learn all about different animals and where they live.


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