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Rhyming🗣️🧏‍♂‍ For Phonemic Awareness - Rhyming For Kids.

How does Rhyming🗣️🧏‍♂‍ help phonemic🔤awareness?

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Rhyming🗣️🧏‍♂‍ is the 1st step⬆ of phonemic🔤 awareness. Phonics🔤 help children👭 identify individual🅰🅱 sounds🗣, this goes hand-in-hand👐🏻 with rhyming🗣️🧏‍♂‍words.

Rhyming🗣️🧏‍♂‍ words are two or more words that have the same or similar sounds🗣, knowing how to sound out rhyming words will increase⬆ children’s phonemic🔤 awareness and they will be familiar with phonic🔤 sounds🗣. For example, the rhyming words ‘hat – mat’ can be practised individually: M – A – T🧣 and H- A- T🎩

What are the benefits👏🏻 of phonetics🔤?

• Individual🅰-🅱 sounds allow children👭 to make words.

• Phonics🔤 improves⬆ spelling✍🏻 ability👏🏻.

• Teaches children👭 how to pronounce🗣 new words.

• Improves⬆ pronunciation🗣 and reading📖.

• Improves⬆ listening👂🏻 skills.

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When children👭 play with rhymes🗣️🧏‍♂‍, they listen🧏‍♂‍to the sounds🗣 of words and identify word parts. For example, the /at/ sound in the word mat🧣is the same /at/ sound in cat🐈, rat🐀, sat🪑, and hat👒.

How can children👭 learn phonics🅰-🅱?

1. Practise individual sounds of rhyming words🗣️🧏‍♂‍:

When children👭 say rhyming🗣️🧏‍♂‍ words, they can practise the individual sounds🗣 by saying them out loud🔊. This will help them be more aware🧐of how letters🅰🅱 should be sounded to say a word.

Practise saying the individual sounds for these rhyming words:

• Cat - /kAt/🗣🐈.

• Mat - /mAt/🗣🧣.

• Hat - /hAt/🗣👒.

2. Introduce vowel and their short sounds👏🏻:

Introducing👩🏻‍🏫 vowels and their short sounds will help children👭recognise🧐 letters and practise saying the sounds🗣.

Vowel sounds image

3. Introduce👩🏻‍🏫 consonants and their short sounds👏🏻:

Introducing👩🏻‍🏫 consonant sounds will help children👭 recognise🧐 the letters and sounds for each letter.

Consonants image

4. Blend individual sounds to make words

Blending🔀sounds🗣 and putting them together to make words will increase⬆ children’s pronunciation🗣 and help expand their vocabulary👏🏻 as they learn new words.

Rhyming🗣️🧏‍♂‍ words help children recognise🧐 letters and make sounds, which improves phonemic🔤 awareness and ability💯.

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