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Rhyming🗣️🧏‍♂‍ For Phonemic Awareness - Rhyming For Kids.

How does Rhyming🗣️🧏‍♂‍ help phonemic🔤awareness?

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Rhyming🗣️🧏‍♂‍ is the 1st step⬆ of phonemic🔤 awareness. Phonics🔤 help children👭 identify individual🅰🅱 sounds🗣, this goes hand-in-hand👐🏻 with rhyming🗣️🧏‍♂‍words.

Rhyming🗣️🧏‍♂‍ words are two or more words that have the same or similar sounds🗣, knowing how to sound out rhyming words will increase⬆ children’s phonemic🔤 awareness and they will be familiar with phonic🔤 sounds🗣. For example, the rhyming words ‘hat – mat’ can be practised individually: M – A – T🧣 and H- A- T🎩