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Punctuation ⁉️ For ✍🏻Kids - English🧑‍🏫 Grammar For Kids

Let's learn 🧑‍🏫 about the 5 basic punctuation⁉️ marks for kids!

Punctuation⁉️ is the name💬 for the marks ⁉️we use in ✍🏻writing.

Punctuation ⁉️ marks are tools 🛠️that have important ⚠️ jobs.

We use them to 🔀sort and ✔️organise our💬 words, and to give sentences meaning.

Punctuation ⁉️marks help readers📚 to understand what the ✍🏻writer is trying to 🙊 say.

Let's look 👀at the 5️⃣ basic punctuation⁉️ marks. 🤩

1. Full stops:

  • A full stop is a punctuation⁉️ mark used to separate sentences. Full stops are used at the end of a 🔚sentence. For example:

2. Comma:

  • A comma is a punctuation ⁉️mark that separates items in a 📋list and marks the divisions within sentences. For example:

3. Exclamation‼️ mark:

  • An exclamation mark ‼️is a punctuation mark that looks like a straight line ‼️with a dot underneath it. It is used to show that an exclamation🎤, an interjection or a statement sentence has finished.🔚

  • An exclamation sentence starts with🤔 ‘What’ or ‘How’ 🤷‍♀️and ends 🔚with an exclamation mark. For example:

4. Question mark:

  • The question mark is a punctuation mark that is used at the 🔚end of a sentence when asking a question. For example:

5. Capital letters:

Let's practise! Download our free resource to practise at home.

Punctuation printable
Download PDF • 1.87MB


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