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Meet👋🏻 The Letter C - Amazing Alphabet 🔡 Series

The letter C 😀 is the third 3️⃣ letter in the English alphabet. It is also the second ✌️ consonant in the English alphabet.

How do we write✍️ the letter C?

As with every letter in the English alphabet, the letter c can be written✍️ in 2 2️⃣ ways. These 2 ✌️ ways are called the upper-case⬆️ and the lower-case⬇️.

Let's practise! Get your pen 🖊and paper🗒 and write✍️ the big letter C and the small letter c.

Here is a fun activity sheet for you to download and practise writing✍🏻 the big and small letter Cc at home!

Letter C
Download PDF • 364KB

How do we pronounce🗣️ the letter C?

As you learn more about the letter c, you will notice it is only pronounced 🗣in 1 way.

C words










Here is a fun speaking activity to practise saying the letter and letter sound for C.

Now, it's 💥 challenge💥 time!

Download ⬇️ these colourful flashcards and practise the Alphabet at 🏡 home!

Amazing Alphabet Flashcards
Download PDF • 508KB

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