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Let's Learn 🧑‍🏫Prepositions!🤩 - Grammar for Kids.

The cat🐈 is on the table.

Prepositions are words📋 that tell you where🤷 something is located or positioned compared to something else.

Prepositions can also tell🗣️ you when⌚ something happened.

We use prepositions all the time🕐 when we are describing people🧑‍🤝‍🧑, places🏥, and things⚽!

Let's look 👀at some examples :

1. The man👨 is running🏃‍♂️ across the street🛣️.

2. The cake🎂 is in the fridge🧊.

3. I practise my guitar🎸 on Tuesdays📅.

4. My mum👩 cut the cake🍰 with a knife🔪.

How do we use prepositions in a sentence?

When using a preposition, we must always ✅ have the subject and verb before ⬅️ it and follow ➡️ it with a noun. You should never ❌ follow➡️ it with a verb!

Let's practise!

1. The plane(subject)✈️ flew(verb) over(preposition) the houses (noun)🏘️.

2. He (subject)👦🏻 sat(verb) on(preposition) the chair(noun)🪑.

How🤔💭 can we practise prepositions at home🏘️.?

1. Preposition Simon💂 Says

Give each other directions such as:

Simon 💂says stand on your chair🪑.

Simon 💂says put your hand under your chair🪑.

Simon 💂says hold your chair🪑 in front of you.

Play this game with friends👥, parents 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 or classmates at school🎒!

2. Where's🤷‍♀️ the toy?

Grab your favourite toy 🧸 and move it around the house🏡. At each place make a sentence🗣️ about where 🤷 your toy is.

For example, 'My toy 🧸 is on the chair🪑. ' or ' My toy 🧸 is under the table.'

For each sentence, you score 1 point🏆. Can you get 10 🔟 points?

3. Scavenger hunt 🔎

Ask mum 👩 or dad 👨‍🦱 to 5 objects around the house🏡. It can be anything!

Go around finding🔎 the objects that are🙈 hidden. Once they are 🔎found, shout 🗣️ out the sentence 'I found it _______. (the place where you 🔎found it).

For example, I found the box📦 on the sofa.


Let's learn some more!

Watch more FREE videos!

Use our free preposition flashcards to keep practising at 🏠home!

Prepositions Flashcards
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Now, it's your turn🤗!

Test your preposition skills by downloading ⬇️this fun 😀free activity!

Prepositions Activity
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