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Importance Of Posture For Handwriting

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Posture is one of the key elements which need to be taught from a very young age. Many parents often overlook this and don't know the immense damage it can do to children as they go through their learning journey. Fortunately, this can be rectified with a few small tweaks🤏 and should be enforced every time students sit down at the table or their desks.

Sitting with poor posture can put stress on the muscles, joints and ligaments.

When children have unstable posture, they end up using excess energy to maintain their stability and balance. This can affect how they function and decrease their ability to complete fine motor tasks, school work and even to listen.

Sitting with a good posture for writing increases stability and provides a sturdy foundation for written output and can increase attention and focus.

­­Poor core strength is often overlooked when addressing handwriting issues but it has a large impact on a child’s fine motor skills and abilities.</