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How you and your children can immerse yourselves in English through Planet English:

At Planet English, we are firm believers in the immersive method of language education. That’s why our curriculum is designed to provide students with fun and engaging English language content from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night. With a wide selection of video content available, from learning and storytime to cooking and crafts. You and your family can engage with the English language however you wish, providing a truly ‘on-demand’ learning experience. Each learner is in command of their own learning journey, developing independent confidence and English proficiency through the immersive exposure we offer.

Planet English has been developed by English teaching specialists to be presented completely in English in an easily navigable format across all pages, resources, content, and courses. Our website makes use of level and age-appropriate language and visual prompts such as images, GIFs, and videos to enable learners of all ages and levels to be able to engage and learn. With our content and resources, you and your children have the opportunity to practise and improve your skills together or your children to also do so independently.

We have a plan that suits everyone from our FREE Traveller Plan, where you can access our fantastic members area and amazing FREE benefits, including exclusive discounts, competitions, and prizes, to our Explorer and Globetrotter plans which include a vast array of benefits from recorded lessons to FREE taster modules and weekly webinars.

Go to our learning page to find the perfect course for your children:

Planet English:

> Gain a love of learning through our engaging blended English language course, created in co-operation with Cambridge English Language Assessment.

> Interact with our fun and engaging lessons at your own pace to match your learning goals.

> Increase your English skills by a whole level in just six weeks with our recorded interactive lessons included in our Explorer plan.


> A great way to learn how to read and write by linking letter sounds together.

> In this course, you will learn how to say sounds and blend them together to form words.

STEM and Beyond:

> Our brand new course that encourages thinking, creativity and learning English through Academic subjects aligned to the British National Curriculum.

> These subjects include science, technology, engineering, maths, history, geography, literature, drama, physical education, art, music and healthy thinking.

Educational videos:

> Have fun with our exciting educational experiments and learn through detailed explanations, including key terminology.


> Interactive, creative cooking videos with many different recipes from around the world your children can learn some skills in the kitchen as well as key vocabulary.


> Learn how to make many different things that are fun, engaging and educational.


> Listen to our highly-trained story tellers reading and acting out our digital books, through our eye-catching, memorable videos.


> Colourful, exciting and easy to understand digital books that children can read independently or with their parents to enhance reading skills.

> Reading can be done from anywhere at any time at the pace your child desires with the help of our storytime videos and audio.


> Not only fun, exciting, and interactive but also educational.

> We have blogs for many different areas of the English language, whether your child needs to learn vocabulary, tips, and tricks on Cambridge assessments or explore popular holiday celebrations, we have just what your child may need at a level to suit them.


> Learn through music videos, sing-along, and learn new vocabulary.


> We have many items available in our online store, from mock exams and courses to our clothing with our wonderful Planet English characters.

Placement test

> Knowing your child’s English level is important for them to be placed on the right course and level, take our FREE placement test here:

Have fun and enjoy our website!

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