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How To Teach Children About Emotions - Teacher Tips

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Children have the unique tendency to express each emotion they feel as soon as they feel it. It is pretty easy for most adults to determine which emotion is being expressed by a child. However, it may be more of a challenge for a child to identify or understand the emotions being expressed by another child or an adult. This is why teaching children about feelings is a great way to help them relate to others and develop a sense of empathy.

There are many ways to go about teaching children about emotions and feelings. A great way to go about it is to dedicate days to learning about each feeling and or emotion. Many teachers use the station method to teach kids about emotions.

Silly Station

The silly station is for children who are feeling happy and playful. You can set up a dedicated table to explore the concept of happiness. Make puppets with old socks or paper bags. Have the variety of puppets ready to play with and allow your child to take a turn exploring the concept of happiness and how it makes them feel.

Ask your child what it means to be happy or playful and then ask them to act out these feelings of happiness and playfulness using their puppet.