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Hobbies 🏂 For Kids 🧒 - How Hobbies 🤔 Can Help Child 💪 Development.

Why🤔 should children do or have hobbies?

Having hobbies are not only fun 😊, but it can help our children learn💡📖 some skills which are not taught in school🏫🧑‍🏫. Different hobbies develop different life skills.

For example, taking 🤗 care of a🐈 pet. The hobby may not seem that important, but the benefits of the hobby is encouraging 💪 the child to be 👍 responsible.

Types📝 of hobbies

1.☝️: Arts 🎨and Crafts ✂️ Hobbies

Arts 🎨 and crafts✂️ hobbies can help children 🔍 focus more on their creative 🧠 side. It encourages them to use their imagination💫 and can be a wonderful way of ⛽fuelling💫 a child’s imagination, helping them develop the left side of their🧠 brain.