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Father's Day - Celebrating💜🥰 Dads 👩‍❤‍👨☀️

When is 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Father’s ☀️Day?

Sunday, 20 June 2021

What is 👨‍👧‍👦Father’s Day?

Father’s day is a very special♥️ day☀️. It helps children to realise how great their 🕺 fathers are. Celebrating❣️ this day strengthens the bond between 🧍‍♂️ fathers and 👨‍🍼 children.

This is a great day to express just how much you 💌💟 ❤️ love your father.

Many children buy small 🎁presents or make homemade🎀 gifts and 📝cards. Either way, fathers 💛love💚all the effort and attention and it is well deserved as dads around the world work very hard.

👨‍👧‍👦Father’s Day present🎁ideas:

1- Homemade📝 cards. Fathers love to read special messages from their children.

2- Homemade snack 🛠️holders. These can be made from wood or other materials.

3- Some fathers really like to🥩🍗barbeque, so a new barbecue toolset is a great gift.

4- All fathers 💞💕love being reminded of a special time you shared together!

A homemade photo 🖼️ frame or store brought🎀📦 present is a good idea.

5- Most often, fathers lose their🗝️🔏 keys. A homemade key chain or key holder is the perfect Father’s Day gift.

Let’s make him a card for 👨‍👧‍👦Father’s Day:

What you need for your 👨‍👧‍👦Father’s Day card:

- A piece of paper 📝

- A pair of scissors✂️

- A pen/ marker✒️

- Some paint🎨🖌️

- A cloth

- A bowl🥣 of water

How to make your Father's Day card:

1. Collect the materials: paper, scissors, pen/ marker, paint, cloth, a bowl of water

2. Find some pictures of your 💚favourite 💙superheroes 🦹‍♂️🦸‍♀️.

3. Select your first 🦸superhero. Use the main colour to paint one ✋hand.

4. Place your 🎨 painted hand onto the right side of the paper.

5. Remove your ✋hand.

6. Wait for it to 💦🚰dry.

7. Cut out the hand OR fold the 💌💟 paper in half to create your first card.

8. Add more colours to look like your superhero and draw 🎨🖌️on some detail.

Watch the video 📽️🎞️ and follow the steps.


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