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What Is Exam Preparation With Explore Planet English?

A2 Key for Schools and B1 Preliminary for Schools.

A2 Key for Schools and B1 Preliminary for Schools are two very popular Cambridge exams specifically designed for school-age learners. These exams help learners gain the confidence to communicate in real-life situations. To provide better alignment between the exams, helping students progress step-by-step, Cambridge has updated these exams in January 2020. These updated exams will not only meet the needs of schools and learners but will also help them reach their potential.

From support materials such as lesson plans, teacher guides and flashcards, to pre-loaded lessons with answers, we provide our teachers with everything they need. Our A2 Key and B1 Preliminary for Schools courses are designed to include all four skills needed in language learning with integrated grammar and vocabulary. Each lesson also has some important tips and strategies that will help learners with their exam skills.

What to expect from our courses:

  1. Motivating, up to date themes and materials

  2. Speaking activities and games that will encourage discussion and engagement

  3. Tips and strategies for each skill: these exam tips will teach students how to avoid common mistakes made by exam candidates.