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Exam Preparation 🧑‍🏫 - Do's✅ and Don'ts❌ of A2 Key and B1 Preliminary.

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This blog will look 👁️ into the things we should ✅ and shouldn't❌ do when we prepare✍🏻 for A2 Key and B1 Preliminary for Schools.

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1. Create a study timetable​.⏱️✔️

- Set yourself goals.🎯

- Write down your strengths💪 and weaknesses. 👎

- Make a list 🗒️of your daily responsibilities.

- Think about the best times ⏱️for studying. 📚

- Think about the format 💾 of your timetable⏱️ .

- Start filling✍🏻 in your timetable.

2. Practise 🧑‍🏫as much as you can!

- Do mock exams.📝

- Go through the A2/B1 vocabulary lists.

- Make a words list for🔑 keywords.✍🏻✍🏻

-Practise writing✍🏻 and studying 📚in an exam-like🏫 condition room.

- Watch English films📺 and read English📗 books.

3. Get a good night's sleep before your exams.😴

- Get plenty 😴of rest the night before 🛌the exam. It will give you the 🧨 energy you'll need during your exam as well as helping you keep your 👍focus.

4. Eat a healthy 🍛 meal before your exam. 🍜

- This will help to give your brain🧠 fuel 🧠and maintain focus during your exam. It is important to eat a well-balanced🍴 meal to support 🧠memory and 🧠 fuel your body to be 🤒 healthy and 💪strong.


1. Don't ❌try to 🧠 memorise everything.

- You don't ❌need to memorise 🧠 everything. You need to learn 📑 important‼️tips and strategies and some keywords🗝️ for speaking🗣️ and writing.​✍🏻

2. Don't study in a noisy 🎤or distracting🙉 room.

- You should try to study in a quiet 🤭and comfortable 🤗environment which is called "exam-like conditions".

3. Don't try to study a few hours before your exam.

- Most of your studying should be done ✅ in advance📅 to make sure you have covered everything you need to. The week before your exam should be for ♻️ revision and recapping what you have📚 already learnt. This will help ✅you to feel at ease😌 and be more prepared 💪 for your B1/A2 exam.

4. Don't forget to adapt when you need to.

- It is OK👏 to change and adapt things if something is❌ not working. Remember‼️ your plan should help you succeed ✅🚀and not cause you to feel stressed😞. If you need to adapt and change your timetable, it is a 💡 great idea to change and try something 🆕 new!

‼️Remember if you prepare correctly and believe in yourself, you will achieve great results! ‼️

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