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Developing And Improving 🧠💪 Fine-Motor Skills In Young Learners👨‍👧‍👦

💜 What are fine✂️💅 motor skills? 🤷

Before a child can 🤾‍♀️run, they must learn to 🏃‍♀️👟walk. Before they can walk, they must learn to 👟👶 crawl. This is the same for activities such as jumping, running and 🧩🧸🪀 playing. These skills are all developed from fine🤔 💭motor skills.

Fine motor skills refer to 👨‍👧‍👦 the ability to make movements using the small 💪muscles in our🖐 hands and wrists. They involve a match between the🧠 brain and muscles, which 😀💚 helps a child with writing, grasping small 🏹objects, and fastening🩳👙 clothing to name a few.

💜 Why are fine ✂️ 🗝️motor skills important?🤷‍♂️

Fine motor skills involve the use of small muscles that control the hands, fingers, and thumbs. They help children do important‼️ tasks as they grow 🔝👶up.

Fine motor skills are important‼️ for many parts in a child’s🧠💯 development, such as: feeding🍱🍴 themselves, grasping and holding🐎 toys, 🍭🚙 buttoning and zipping 👚👢clothes, ✍️ writing, drawing, 🖊️📔and many more.

Fine motor skills will develop 💡🙇‍♂️ and improve as they move through👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 childhood.

💜 Examples of fine motor skills:

There are 💯many small things 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 children can do every ☀️🕶️day which can help 🏋strengthen☀️🕶️💪 their fine motor skills, palm aches and wrist stability.

1- Encourage them to open🚪🧭 doors.

The doorknobs and the handles can help strengthen their wrists by moving them up and down or left and right.

2- Encourage them to use a🤳 toy phone. This and buttoning and unbuttoning clothes can🙌 help 👏children with 🖐 their palm arches.

3- Tying 👟shoe👢 laces, using✂️scissors, brushing and flossing 🦷😬 their teeth can help improve their scissor ✍️ skills.

💜 Fun activities to help improve 🙋fine motor skills. 🎾🥏

There are many FUN🥳🤩 activities to help 👍improve👨‍💻 fine motor skills. Repeating activities 🖥️🔁 every day for a short period of time can help any child easily improve these skills.

Practice makes perfect! ‼️Some children struggle with☹️ cutting, drawing on lines or colouring in lines and threading but when encouraged daily, 🧡improvement💛 is certain.

  1. Playing with😍 🖐play dough or 🙌putty is very enjoyable for young children and is one of the easiest ways to help🧡 improve their fine motor skills.

  2. Building puzzles🧩

  3. Drawing and 📖🖌️🖋️ colouring as often as possible. ⏰

  4. Cutting ✂️out shapes, 🟣🟩🔺 or for younger children just learning to cut on a line will be a big help to improve motor skills.

  5. Playing with sand, and making sand 🏰 cakes 🏖️and shapes.🟣🟩🔺

💜 Some of the most popular fine motor skill activities are:

✨ Alphabet or number puzzles ✨

✨ Matching small shapes to patterns ✨

✨ Threading beads onto a string✨

✨ Building Lego ✨

✨ Tearing paper and cutting with scissors ✨


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