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Adjectives For Kids - English Grammar For Kids

What🤷‍♂️ Are Adjectives🤔?

An adjective is a word that describes 🗣️ an animal🐐, person🧍, thing 🧸 or thought 🧠.

He is tall.

Adjectives are words that describe what something looks 👀 like and what it feels like to touch🤚, taste👄 or smell👃.

Sentences with highlighted Adjectives  and images

Let's practise!

The cat🐈 is small.

Grey cat

Grandpa 👴 is old.


Giraffes 🦒 are tall.


Look! It's a beautiful 🦋 butterfly.


The boy 👦 runs fast.

Man running a race

‼️Time to have some fun with adjectives‼️

Answer the following questions❓ and practise using adjectives to describe🗣️ yourself!

  1. Are you tall or short? 📏

  2. What colour is your hair? 💇‍♀️

  3. Do you have long or short hair?👩‍🦱👨‍🦱

  4. What colour are your eyes? 👁️

  5. Is your nose👃 big🐘 or small🐁?

How 🤔 can we practise adjectives at home 🏠?

  1. Practise describing🗣️ what mum 👫 and dad look 👁️ like.

For example,

My mum is short📏. She has long, black hair. My mum can run very fast 🏃‍♀️!

Now, it's your turn!

2. Find 🔍the adjective!

Ask mum or dad 👫 to write 5 simple sentences. Each sentence should have 1 or 2 adjectives. Try to find 🔍the adjective/s in each sentence then circle⭕ it. Lastly, read 📚the sentence out loud🗣️. Ask mum or dad to check👀 whether you found the✅ adjective.

3. Outdoor🌴 adjectives!

Go for a walk🚶‍♀️ in your garden🌴 or at the park🏞️. Find 🔍some objects or things🌞 outside.

Describe 🗣️how each of the things feels🤚, looks 👁️ or smells👃.

For example,

The flower🌼 is pretty.

The tree is🌳 big.

The grass🌱 is green🟢.

Watch 📺 the video 🎥 to learn more about adjectives!

‼️Watch more videos like this‼️

Now, it's your turn to practise‼️ Download 🗣️ and use these flashcards 🗂️to make your own sentences!

Adjective Flashcards
Download PDF • 3.42MB

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