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6 Important Social Skills For Kids

Social skills give kids a wide range of benefits. They are linked to greater success in school and better relationships with peers. Let's have a look at some benefits of social skills.

Better educational and career outcomes: Researchers from Penn State and Duke University found that children who were better at sharing, listening, cooperating, and following the rules at age five were more likely to go to college. They also were more likely to be employed full-time by age 25.

  • Better success in life: Good social skills also can help kids have a brighter future. According to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, a child’s social and emotional skills in kindergarten might be the biggest predictor of success in adulthood.2

  • Stronger friendships: Kids who have strong social skills and can get along well with peers are likely to make friends more easily. In fact, a study published in the International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences indicates that childhood friendships are good for kids’ mental health.3

Friendships also give children opportunities to practice more advanced social skills, like problem-solving and conflict resolution.