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Year 2 (5-8 years) Maths Parent Resource Pack

Year 2 (5-8 years) Maths Parent Resource Pack


This KS1 Year 2 (5-8 years) Maths lesson resource pack is filled with warm-up activities, hands-on resources, videos, games and experiments. With a variety of activities and printables covering various Maths topics, this resource pack has been designed to ensure your child is able to easily grasp new concepts, topics and methods while having loads of fun. To make it easier, we have included videos to help with introducing new topics and concepts which you will be able to access for free via our YouTube channel. 


In this resource pack, you can expect the following: 

🖍  Counting in 5s and 10s

🖍  2D Shapes

🖍  3D Shapes

🖍  Symmetry

🖍  Sorting Shapes

🖍  Money (Coins and Notes)


With a specific emphasis on the Year 2 KS1 curriculum:

Ma2/2.1 Number & Place Value

Ma2/3.1 Measurement

Ma2/3.2 Properties of Shapes


We hope you have fun learning all about 2D and 3D shapes, sorting, symmetry and money!  

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