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Year 1 (4-7 years) Science Parent Resource Pack

Year 1 (4-7 years) Science Parent Resource Pack


This Year 1 (4-6 years) KS1 Science resource pack is filled with warm-up activities, hands-on resources, videos, games and experiments. This resource pack is designed to help the young learner become familiar with some great Science topics such as:


🖍  Identifying common animals

🖍  Mammals

🖍  Reptiles and Amphibians

🖍  Herbivore, carnivore and omnivore 

🖍  Birds and Fish

🖍  Senses


With a specific emphasis on the Year 1 KS1 curriculum, we know your little one will have fun learning how to classify, identify, test and experiment all while having fun! 


We hope you enjoy using these fun resources to learn more about Science! 

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