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Planet English is developed by IQBar Limited and follows the same ethos. We take great pride in having established a culture that is built upon a set of integrated values. The purpose of the Planet English courses is to provide teaching, guidance and encourage learning. We aim to support our website and course users throughout the courses. We are a community which embraces diversity and requires consideration, acceptance and courtesy in all behaviour. We expect all website and course users and staff to show respect for one another in all aspects of their contact and will enforce these high standards through this Code of Conduct.


While this Code gives you, the user, guidance for certain situations, there are specific areas where we have a zero-tolerance policy. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • Unsafe, illegal or unethical working practices;

  • Violence and aggression of any kind;

  • Discrimination, bullying and harassment of any kind;

  • Retaliation against anyone who speaks up and does the right thing;

  • Cheating and plagiarism. 


  • Information related to fellow users or any learners you encounter during the course must not be shared or distributed with any third parties.  

  • Planet English teaching materials remain the intellectual property of IQBar Limited and therefore must not be altered, stored or otherwise unlawfully distributed without the express permission of senior management. 


As a user with Planet English, I understand and confirm, through agreeing to the Terms of Use of the Planet English platform, that I must adhere to this Code of Conduct. Any breach of this Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action, including expulsion from the course with no refund. Sanctions against unacceptable behaviour will be applied consistently, fairly and transparently where permissible.

During the use of the platform, I will:


  • Keep my login details and password secure and not share them with any third party;

  • Not use the teaching materials for any use other than what has been prescribed in the Terms of Use;

  • Report any suspicious or unauthorised use of materials to the Planet English team at;

  • When engaging in discussion, engage in a professional manner on the online discussion forums and any other platforms related to the courses, its staff and any other learners;

  • Engage in any live sessions in a professional and respectful manner;

  • Not engage in any threatening behaviours, violence, harassment, bullying or abuse, in any manner, including via social media, or contravene our Equality and Diversity Policy;

  • Be responsible for my own health and safety in the area I study from as prescribed in our Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy;

  • Complete any assignments and assessments in the allocated time;

  • Not plagiarise any part of my course material and fully reference any material I take from elsewhere external to the course material and my own personal knowledge;

  • Respond to any feedback on assessments in a professional and courteous manner;

  • Seek support via when required;

  • Read the policies issued in my welcome e-mail and acknowledge receipt of them before starting the course;

Planet English’s Code of Conduct is fully supported by the Senior Management Team of IQBar Limited and the Planet English Team.

Planet English’s Code of Conduct is monitored and reviewed annually.

By enrolling in the Planet English Course, I confirm I have read and agree to the above terms. 

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