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Year 1 Home Learning Taster

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Welcome to our wonderful Year 1 Home Learning course taster. In this taster, you will experience a brief version of what a week at Explore Planet English's home school is like. This amazing course developed by experts in the field will provide resources, videos and guides to make your home schooling experience smooth and enjoyable. Each week includes: ⭐ A detailed parent guide with a content planner with all national curriculum aims included, a recommended timetable, step-by-step guidance for every resource and activity, recommended resources, and a learning objective checklist. ⭐ Online learning experience separated into subjects with videos, printable resources and activities. All of the following subjects are covered every week: 📚 English - Learn the alphabet 📚 Maths - Count to 20 📚 Science - Identify and compare common animals 📚 Geography - Learn about London 📚 History - Learn about the history of London 📚 PE - Move like animals 📚 Music - Learn and sing songs 📚 Art - Learn about different art materials 📚 D&T - Build a tower 📚 Culture - Learn about where you live 📚 Spanish - Count from 1 to 10 We hope you enjoy our immersive, engaging course and will share your experience and progress with other proud parents, carers and tutors in our private member's area.




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